CRSI Reports

CRSI produces reports on currently published research as well as original research on religious schools. See below for a listing and links to recent reports.

The Lasting Impact of High School on Giving and Volunteering in the U.S.

Jonathan Schwarz and David Sikkink investigate if high schools in the United States foster behavior, attitudes, and identities that support volunteering and giving among their graduates. Read the CRSI report.

Be True to Your School, Parents in North America Say: Intergenerational Continuity in School Sector Enrollment

Jonathan Schwarz and David Sikkink assess the schooling choices of North American parents in the early years of their children's lives. Read the CRSI report.

Religious Schools, Gender Roles, and College Choices

Julie Dallavis investigates whether religious high schools are associated with gender differences in earning a bachelor's degree and choosing a college major. Read the CRSI report.

Homeschooling and Young Adult Outcomes: Evidence from the 2011 and 2014 Cardus Education Survey

David Sikkink and Sara Skiles report on young adult outcomes of students who have been homeschooled using data from the Cardus Education Survey of 2011 and 2014. Read the CRSI report.

Variations in School Sector Advantages: Degrees, Earnings, and College Majors

Sara Skiles and David Sikkink examine religious school sector outcomes of college degree, field of postsecondary study, and income using data from the National Survey of Youth and Religion (NSYR). Read the CRSI report. 

Religion and Reading in Early Childhood

David Sikkink and Sara Skiles investigate the relationship between religious school attendance and reading outcomes during the early elementary school years. Read the CRSI report.

What is Your Major? Occupational Trajectories of Graduates of Religious Schools

David Sikkink examines whether religious high schools influence the type of job and career achieved by graduates. He considers college choice, college transfers, college major, graduation rates and occupational sector for Evangelical Protestant schools and Catholic schools, comparing them with public, private and homeschool students. Read the CRSI report.

What Religious School Parents Want

CRSI examined "What Parents Want," a recent Fordham Institute report based on a survey of American parents and the educational goals and the school characteristics that are most important to them. CRSI looks closely at the differences between religious school parents and non-religious school parents. Read the CRSI report.